Did you know that you should clean your thermos to extend its useful life and maintain the quality of the water in your home?

You should clean your thermos at most 1 time every 2 years

Electric water heaters need to be cleaned since the water they keep inside contains a high hardness and produces an incredible amount of lime. Although currently the thermoses on the market come prepared to last as long as possible that quality of water, sheathed resistors, magnesium anodes, electronic anodes, lime filters, etc. It is also recommended to maintain it within a maximum period of 2 years, since it is the useful life of our magnesium anode. The magnesium anode is the main protection of our thermos, it attracts lime and neutralizes it so that it does not break important parts of our apparatus.

As for the anti-scale filters, these do not eliminate lime, since it is impossible to do so, its operation is to soften it so that it loses all its strength and does not damage our apparatus. We can use a filter like the one that CILLIT offers us with a maintenance that you can do at a minimum and a price of around 140 euros, this only serves for domestic hot water. We also have the option of installing a water softener for the entire house, this requires a greater investment and more specific maintenance, but both solutions together with periodic maintenance are valid.

We also find in the newer models of thermoses some special resistances, called sheathed, this does not mean that our device will no longer be broken by lime, but that its duration will be longer and the time that will elapse between maintenance and another will also it will be. In ZAPATA we have specialized maintenance contracts with the type of device that the client has and we offer all possible solutions on the market, if you need to know more contact us on our phone 966766306, via email or from the chat from the website itself at the bottom right.